About UAB „Šiaulių liftas“

"Šiaulių liftas" Ltd started it's work practice in 1968. At 1993 company was privatized and reorganized to Private Company Limited by Shares. Company had 40 employees. In 1999 "Šiaulių liftas" started minor cargo lift manufactory. Shortly after, in 2001, the manufactory for lifts for people with disables, lifting platforms and cargo liftas were started.

From 2007, "Šiaulių liftas" Ltd actively participle in the program for adapting apartment for disabled needs. During 2007-2008 company made and constructed 91 lift for disabled.

At the moment, 80 are employed at "Šiaulių liftas" Ltd, production premises are being expanded. "Šiaulių liftas" Ltd revenue turnover in 2008 has increased by 25% compared to 2006.